Batch is my all-time favourite cafe/place for coffee/breakfast/brunch/lunch/getting my day started/my motivation levels up/my happy on.  It’s also the very closest cafe to where I live, which is, well, very convenient.  Days when I just can’t get started, or I don’t have any food in the house, I can trundle down to Batch, get fed and caffinated, and my world is put to rights.  Yes, I am fond.

Batch does great coffee.  It’s strong and full, but not too bitter.

Mmmmm, coffee

They have a great menu which takes the standards and pushes them to a different and excellent level with little twists (the hazelnut meringue and mango yoghurt which come with the fruit salad, for example), and the execution is always fantastic.  They have plenty of vego (and vego-isable) options.  The menu changes seasonally, though some of these changes are minor variations on a theme (the filling in the omlette, or the topping on the porridge, for example).  And there are some favourites which always remain – I would cry giant tears of dissapointment if the avocado and fetta mash ever went away – it’s a chunky, salty, creamy, herby, savoury pile of deliciousness that has saved many a day.  I love that the menu changes because it means that, as often as I go there, there’s always (going to be) something new and interesting to try – as opposed to my other local favourite, Los Chicas, which hasn’t changed its (admittedly still rather excellent) menu in years.

I could reminisce about the many excellent meals I’ve had at Batch, but for now I’ll try to limit myself to the brunch I had with Nix, DB, and M a few weeks ago (and yes, they do seem to be my favourite dining companions!).

I had the chilli fried eggs with roast pumpkin and coriander yoghurt, which I knew from experience would be delicious, and they were!

Oh my god these were so delicious!

The pumpkin was roasted to soft caramelisation, the eggs had just the right amount of heat, and the coriander yoghurt was divine (I adore coriander, it’s one of my most favouritest flavours).

Nix, the other vego in our party, had the Broad Bean and Goats Cheese Omelette (which I’ve also had before and know is delicious.

Omlette with broadbeans and goats cheese

Batch always have two omelettes on offer, a vego version and a meaty version, and as I mentioned above, the fillings change on a regular basis (I’ve had the roast mushroom omelette, zucchini omelette, asparagus omlette, and my most favourite of all, caramelised leek and goats cheese – so delicious!).  The broadbean and goats cheese is very tasty, the beans are a lovely fresh bright green and provide a great counterpoint to the richness of the eggs and the cheese.

DB got the meaty omelette, and M got Eggs Atlantic (the one with the salmon), and they both seemed very pleased with their meals too.

In conclusion: Batch! My closest and most awesomest cafe!


320 Carlisle Street, Balaclava
Ph: (03) 9530 3550



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