Two Whole (Cup) Cakes

Today I met up with my lovely friend ess_jay for a long-overdue cake date.  I was already going to be in the city to see Edie and Thea for MQFF (which was really excellent), so I suggested we check out the new cupcake shop at QV, The Cupcake Family.  Yeah, yeah, I know, cupcakes are so whenever.  I don’t care.  I heart them.

I had the Blueberry Cream Cheese and ess_jay had the Lemony Sunshine.  They were both delicious, and properly cakey.  I’ve had a few cupcakes that taste pretty much like packet mix, but these had lovely texture or density.  The Lemony Sunshine was especially delicious, with surprise!lemon curd in the middle.  Yum!

I forgot to take pictures while we were there, but I did get a couple to bring home:

The Coffee Crunch was very delicious, with yummy walnut chunks and a chocolate coated coffee bean on top.

The Lemony Sunshine got a little but smooshed on the journey, but was still very yum!

Awesome Housemate and I had half of each each, and he immediately asked me where they were from, which is something of an endorsement.

After a taste of ess-jay’s strawberry macaroon, I decided I’d have to get some of my own to take home as well.  I got strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and green tea.  They were very sweet and moist and chewy and crunchy and AH and I ate them all before I remembered to take photos.  I particularly liked the strawberry and vanilla.

The Cupcake Family
Shop 22, Red Cape Lane, QV
Ph: 9663 0055

Cupcakes: $3.70ea


2 responses to “Two Whole (Cup) Cakes

  1. SJ was very excited about this cupcake, she talked it up quite a lot!

  2. I think it was the surprise!lemon curd that really made it. Also, Lemony Sunshine! How can you not love?

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