Quick Bites

There’s been so much going on lately that I haven’t got to blogging any of it.  So here are some quick bites – snacks, really – about food and, well, food.

1. Radical Grocery, Brunswick St, Fitzroy

After working just up the road since it opened, I finally made my first trip to The Radical Grocery Store on Sydney Rd.  My recent obsession with home made aoli has lead me to rediscover the excellentness of mustard, which has lead me to craving roast beef sandwiches, which lead me to try the Cheatin’ Style slices, and I was surprised by just how roast-beefy they tasted.  Craving satisfied.

I also grabbed the Vegi Deli mock chicken nuggets, and a Funky Pie Chic ‘n’ Cheese, Neither of which I’ve tried yet.  And at the last minute, I grabbed a brownie from the basket of goodies on the counter (damn suggestive placement!).  I nommed that straight away, and it was divine – rich and fudgey and chocolately and delicious!

2. Pies! Pies! Pies!

I seem to have a bit of a pie thing going on at the moment.

Castro’s, Melbourne Uni.  Known for some of the best coffee on campus, as well as the hottest barristers (who have since moved to the new cafe by the ERC).  I stopped by for a quick lunch after meeting my supervisor last week and had the Veggie Korma Pie, which was divine!  Thick, flavoursome curry gravy, yummy veggies, good crust.

Georgie Pie, Sydney Rd, Brunswick.   Their lentil and potato pie is damn tasty.  And they do a great custard tart.

TOFWD, Degraves St, Melbourne.  If I’m running late and haven’t had time for breakfast, I’ll sometimes grab a piece of the Kashmir pie from TOFWD while I’m waiting for my connecting train to arrive (don’t get me started about the Upfield line.  There’s a reason I don’t live in Brunswick anymore).  It’s tasty and nourishing and makes all my public transport rage evaporate with the first bite.

3. Court Jester, Breese St, Brunswick

Speaking of running late and catching the Upfield line, this place is conveniently located between the train station and my job, so I stopped in for breakfast the other day. I really like this place.

The long communal table.

I had the Brunswick Green again, and it’s still good, though not as good as last time.  The asparagus is obviously not in season, so they’d used pickled asparagus.  This wasn’t the gross mushy stuff you get from the supermarket, it was firm and textured and vinegary and rather delicious (but I like the fresh stuff better).  The avocado also wasn’t great – avocados just aren’t that great at the moment.

The Brunswick Green

I really like Court Jester, but I think they’d benefit from a more seasonal menu, or at least making sure their produce is always great quality.

4. New York Cheesecake

I volunteered to make this for a dinner at a friend’s place entirely because I’d started drooling the second I saw the pictures over as Smitten Kitchen, and had been revisiting that post twice a day since it went up.  Then it appeared twice on my RSS feed (both times in veganised form), and I had to make it.  I was a little wary given my ridiculous oven (there will be a new oven in my not-to-distant future), and I kind of whimped out on the price of ingredients and made a 3/4 size filling, which turned out to be just fine, thank you.  And goodness, it was pretty with the cherry topping running down the sides:

Someone else bough a banoffee pie, and desert awesomeness was had by all.

5. Tofu Kapitan

When this recipe from Vegan About Town popped up in my Google Reader, it was all I could think about for the next few hours.  So I checked the fridge and the cupboard, and I had everything required to make it except tempeh, so I made a tofu version, and it was DELICIOUS.  The tender potatoes, the rich sauce, the smell of it cooking…mmmm.  I had plenty of leftovers, and it was even better for lunch the next day.

Gosh, I really do like food a whole lot!


3 responses to “Quick Bites

  1. Yay curries! Glad it worked for you.

    I was surprised at how awesome + easy the cheesecake turned out to be – I expected it to be quite complicated, but aside from having several steps it was ALL GOOD.

    I live on the Upfield line. It is very frustrating.

  2. There’s lots of things I like about Brunswick, but getting there is not one of them. On the days I work, my twitter is full of obscenities directed at Metro Trains. Seriously, 1 train every 20 minutes in peak hour? And they can’t even get that to run on time? Grrr.

    Thank goodness for the soothing excellence of curries and cheesecakes!

  3. Ahaha, I ALSO enjoy how I can board my train on time in the mornings, and yet it arrives at Flinders St that I’ve missed TWO connecting trains. Thank you, Upfield line!

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