Boilermaker Desert

Chocolate stout cake.  Bourbon icecream.  Bourbon salted caramel sauce. Yes.

Chocolate stout cake with bourbon icecream and salted caramel sauce

Boilermaker desert

This is the kind of desert you make for someone you love.

You make it for them because their favourite drink is a boilermaker (beer with a chaser), and one wintery Melbourne evening while waiting for a tram you had a flash of brilliance and figured out how to translate that into desert form.

You make it for them because you’ve had that Chocolate Stout Cake  recipe bookmarked since forever and a very generous friend just gave you an icecream maker and this is the perfect excuse to try them both out.

You make it for them because they love you, too, and will forgive you when the whole centre of the cake collapses because you still haven’t quite figured out the quirks of your oven yet. And when you spin your decorative sugar strands too early and they collapse in the humidity of the kitchen and turn into strange chunks of toffee sculpture rather than the pretty, delicate nets you envisaged.

Probably they forgive you because this cake is still goddamn delicious, and it’s impossible not to love anyone who serves it to you.  Especially when they serve your favourite drink on the side:


Chocolate stout and bourbon. Yes.

The cake recipe is from Smitten Kitchen.

The bourbon icecream and bourbon salted caramel sauce are from Ezra Pound Cake.

You should put them together and make this desert for someone you love.  Maybe that’s you?


3 responses to “Boilermaker Desert

  1. Oh my god I love your blog. Yum.

  2. Do you think you can enjoy the ice cream if you hate bourban?

  3. It definitely has a bourbon flavour, so if you’re not a fan, you could replace it with something else – vanilla, orange liqueur, whatever you like!

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